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What if you could get a blogger to reveal all the hacks they used to reach $5K/month blogging?

What if you could just talk to an expert who’s already making money blogging and get all the nuggets of gold in 1 place? A resource (that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg) with everything you needed to know that will help you reach your goal that you could easily digest in 1-2 hours?

That’s why I wrote my latest eBook – 50 Practical and Insightful Hacks that Helped me reach $5K per month Blogging.

50 hacks that helped me reach 5K per month blogging


Are you tired of reading Blogger’s Income reports and wondering how they’re making so much money?

You’ve been blogging for a while, but you’re finding it difficult to get traffic or make money.

You wish someone would show you how to do it without beating around the bush.

That’s where I come in!

I loved doing everything on my own – which included learning and implementing.

But honestly? It takes a lot of time. There are a lot of strategies that do not work. And filtering out the ones that didn’t work was time-consuming and exhausting.

This eBook is a compilation of all the hacks I implemented in specific fields like SEO, traffic, monetization, productivity, building my brand and discovering my voice.

Once you're done stressing on their pain points, you need to introduce your eBook as the solution!

Through trial and error, I have reached this stage where I make around $5K per month blogging

And I’m super proud to say, that this eBook contains every important step I took to reach here.

You're probably thinking that blogging is all about typing away on a slim laptop by the beach, but the truth about blogging is far from this. Girl blogging by the beach.

Here’s what’s covered!

The basic but most ignored tips which are crucial for building a successful blog

Included are all the important Traffic and SEO tips I’ve implemented to land on the front pages of Google Search

The steps that helped me discover my brand and voice

The best monetization methods that will bring you money quickly

My productivity tips that you can use instead of hiring a VA

My personal strategies for maintaining a positive mindset even when nothing is going right

You can get this eBook for $9 instead of $29. But you have to hurry!

Grab this eBook before the timer runs out!

Who am I to be teaching you this?

My name is Angela. I will help you, start and grow your Blog from scratch so you can make a full time income blogging. My Blog is filled with traffic tips designed to help you grow your Online Business!

Hey you! My name is Angela Mary Vaz. I’m an Illustrator and Comic Artist. And I teach women how to build beautiful and colorful Online Businesses.

I was just like you a little while ago.

I was confused, didn’t know where to start and had no idea how to build an Online Business. Everything you see on my Blog is built from scratch. I learned how to code, how to draw and how to build a business all by myself.

I’ve grown a loyal following, have over 9K subscribers, and earn a full-time income with my Blog.

It took me years to do this.

But you don’t need to.

I’m here to speed up your learning time and help you get to your first $1K a month, fast! If you’ve read my blog, you know I get down and dirty with extremely detailed tutorials. I don’t like to fluff.

That’s why I created this eBook to make hitting that income goal super easy for you. I want you to make a consistent income with your Blog!