You started a blog a while ago.

You were super excited because you believed that this endeavor would bring you great success.

You pictured your name in the top blogs of your niche and you thought that traffic would come pouring in.

Now, almost a year later, you find that your traffic is abysmal, you’re struggling to make money on your blog and you’re frustrated when you see other bloggers publishing rather large income reports.

What gives!

It’s okay, it happens.

You see, the thing about starting a blog is, it comes with a very large learning curve which can be shortened if you get a blogging coach.

Most bloggers who you feel are successful today have

  • Started their blogs a long time ago when SEO was a little easier and getting traffic was not so tough
  • Had multiple failed blogs and know exactly what to do to grow it and become successful
  • Been blogging for many, many years and have overcome every obstacle that was thrown at them

I come in the second category.

I had 1 failed blog before Stray Curls and I took my time learning how to blog and grow my business from scratch.

When I started my second blog, I was a little more confident (albeit scared) and it didn’t take me a long time to start hitting those $1k months.

Over time, I’ve implemented multiple monetizing techniques like:

  • Selling my own physical and digital merchandise
  • Selling my services as an Illustrator, Comic Artist, and Brand Designer
  • Selling my eCourses and eBooks on my own Blog
  • Promoting affiliate products via email marketing and blog posts

and so much more.

I kept my mind open and I kept taking suggestions from my readers to improve my blog.

I take suggestions from my readers and I was able to grow my blog faster. And now I am a blogging coach!

And all of this has taken me years to fine-tune.

I’ve had multiple successful (and not-so-successful) endeavors because I had plenty of time to experiment with different techniques.

And I have coached multiple people to build strong and powerful online businesses both in-person and online. You can check out my coaching packages here.

But how do you know that you’re ready to take it up a notch and hire a blog coach?

That’s where this post comes in, so buckle up, and let’s get started.

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1. You have zero clarity about your blog or your business

Let’s face it – blogging has multiple directions.

And if you’ve been researching blogging and reading multiple posts, eBooks, or going through eCourses like a chimp hawked up on chocolate, you’ll know that every successful blogger has a different story.

This is where it gets confusing.

Everyone gives you a different roadmap and you have no idea which one you should follow.

If at all, this is you, then you definitely need to talk to someone and gain some clarity.

A Blogging Coach will analyze your strengths, hear you out as you talk about your skills and passions, and give you some solid ideas on how you can use your strengths to monetize your passions.

Once you understand how to go about your blog and what strategies you should be implementing, then you can ditch the overwhelm and follow the plan that your Coach has given you.

2. You’ve been blogging for a while but you are stagnant

This is called a blogging plateau and it happens to a lot of bloggers who start off okay but don’t know why they’re not going anywhere or growing in terms of audience, traffic or monetization.

A blogging coach will help you find your way and give you directions with blogging.

They eventually reach a stage where they’re writing posts and working really hard but are seeing no results.

This could be due to a number of problems:

A blogging coach will ask you a couple of questions, analyze your blog and your traffic analytics, and will help you identify what mistakes you are currently making that are hindering your growth.

This will help you focus on tasks that will actually move your blog in the right direction.

And your blog will grow faster!

3. You want personal time with an expert who’s already done this

It can be very daunting to start an online business when you have absolutely no confidence or support in the real world.

I know, I’ve been there.

When I started a blog, none of my family or friends thought that it was a viable business. Although they didn’t say anything to my face, I got loads of hints to “get a real job.”

It is totally normal because people don’t understand what blogging really is.

They still assume a blog is an online diary that 14-year-olds write.

When you’re blogging without support, it can be difficult to grow especially if you don’t have constant motivation.

If the motivational quotes and posters aren’t helping you, then a coach may be what you need.

A blogging coach will hold your hand and guide you.

A blogging coach will hold your hand and motivate you to keep blogging.

Speaking to someone who has already done it before and is years ahead of you will give you the confidence you need to actually make this a viable income.

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4. You’re tired of wasting time experimenting with different techniques

If you’re short on time because you already have a full-time job or are the sole provider and are caring for multiple family members, then time is definitely not on your side.

In this case, I highly suggest getting an expert opinion from a blogging coach so that you can focus your time on things that actually matter.

A blogging coach will help you save a lot of time so you can give it to your family or more important matters.

Imagine if your Blogging Coach told you that you don’t need to spend 3 hours on Pinterest every day and showed you a way where you could just spend just 10 minutes on Pinterest and get even better results!

Imagine how much time she would be saving you.

In this case, you may definitely need a blogging coach.

A blogging coach will help you manage your time and tell you what tasks to prioritize so that you don’t waste time doing everything under the sun.

 5. You have all the ideas but you don’t know which ones you should be doing

I had a client once who wanted to do everything – she wanted to bake cakes, cookies, and all sorts of delectables using only vegan materials.

I asked her to take a step back and start slowly, with just a few batches before she went all in.

After following my instructions, she realized that her vegan cupcakes and cookies were her best-sellers.

She was able to hone in on this craft and build a powerful business because she realized what her strengths were.

Likewise, you may want to do everything to make money blogging – start affiliate marketing, creating your own eCourses, and applying to ad networks.

But instead of trying multiple methods and failing, you can ask your Blogging Coach to help you understand which monetizing strategy will work best for you based on your audience’s needs and niche and your blog’s level.

Your coach will also teach you which SEO methods you should be implementing at your stage of blogging and teach you some excellent methods of marketing.

6. You want to make money faster

People usually ask me how long it will take for their blogs to make money.

This is a slightly difficult question to answer.

And I can never give a straight-forward answer because making money with your blog depends on multiple factors:

1. Blogging niche

What is your blogging niche and can you become viral on social media or do you have some sort of audience already on an email list or social media – this can speed up your monetizing pretty quickly and you can hit that $1K mark.

2. How are you monetizing?

The fastest way to monetize your blog is to pair up your blog with a service you can offer and then use your blog to get clients.

If you are choosing to go down the ads and affiliate marketing route, monetizing can take a little more time (1-2 years to hit the $1K mark)

3. How are you implementing SEO?

If your SEO game is strong, you will get traffic much sooner and you can hit the $1K mark pretty quickly (will take at least 9 months). If not, it will take you some time to learn.

How much you’re tweaking your methods based on your goals?

Blogging is not a straight road.

Every month and quarter, you will need to analyze your progress, see what’s working and what’s not and adapt or tweak your strategies. A Blogging Coach will help you identify what is working and what isn’t and tweak your strategies accordingly.

A blogging coach will listen to you intently and help you choose the right monetization strategy so that you don’t bother wasting time with the ones that are not your cup of tea.

Blogging will help your realize what your cup of tea really is.

7. You want accountability

A blogging coach is all the motivation you need to push past the lack of motivation you are facing because she can see beyond the dark clouds that are currently blocking your vision.

Having an accountability partner who will constantly check your progress and drive you to keep working on your goals can push you to excel faster than having nobody.

One of my clients found it really hard to be consistent.

But after talking to her, I realized that she had a lot on her plate. Most of the tasks she was performing for her blog were unnecessary and were just hampering her growth.

After cutting out all the excess tasks and giving her a strict business plan to follow, she found it really easy to stay consistent with blogging and keep her pace.


A blogging coach will help you:

  • Get clarity with your blog and online business
  • Help you break away from the blogging plateau
  • With all your doubts at any stage of blogging
  • Save time from experimenting with multiple strategies
  • Narrow down what will work and what won’t
  • Make money with your blog faster
  • Stay accountable with your blogging

I do offer blog coaching services and if you’re looking for a blogging coach, do check it out. And if you have any questions, please feel free to email so I can help you out!

However, if coaching is not something you’re looking for right now, but you’re keen on reaching your goals faster and shortening your learning curve, I have an excellent resource that summarizes all the major takeaways:

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