Grab this mega cute 40+ page Business Plan Workbook!

This Business Plan Guide + Workbook involves various exercises to help you build a Blog and Business from scratch the right way!

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Figure out the best and profitable niche for you, understand your Blog’s Personality and Brand, and learn how to evaluate your market and competition from the beginning!

This Planner is completely designed and illustrated by yours truly. *wink*

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Want a cute Business Plan to help you start and grow a blog from scratch the right way? I got you covered!

This Business Plan Includes Pages

  • with exercises to discover the most profitable and apt Blogging Niche for you
  • to help you discover how your Blog will stand out from the rest
  • to help you evaluate your market and competition
  • with exercises to help you discover your Target Audience
  • to help you foresee your Blog’s and Business Goals
  • to create a Blog Posting Schedule so you never have to worry about what to do when
  • to draft out Social Media Goals and Strategies
  • to help you understand your Email Marketing Strategies
  • to plan your Blog Monetization Strategies

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These include pages with cute stickers to help you with your blog brand, plan your social media and email marketing, monetization strategies and so much more!

Scared of starting a Blog that might not succeed? That’s where this Business Plan comes in! This Business Plan Guide and Workbook will give you the confidence to start a Business the right way. Once you’ve put all the pieces of your Business together, there’s nothing left to worry about!

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It’s only $14!

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