Want to build a profitable online side hustle but don’t know how?

This eBook conains all the best side hustles of 2019, the exact way to start and grow an online business from scratch and sell products and services using nothing except your Blog.

Is this you?

Okay, so you want to start an Online Business. Or you’ve had one for some time now.

You want to make money from home. You want to sell your services, sell digital products or start an online membership platform. But you don’t know where to start. And you don’t have money to throw.

You cannot understand how other women are making money from home.

Or how they’re managing all of it alongside taking care of their family and running a household.

You want to be able to do all of that without losing your mind.

You wish there was a Roadmap that explained it all.

If you could only get someone (who’s done it all) to mentor you and explain how to build the foundation of an Online Business and grow it on autopilot… It would be amazing!

Quitting your day job to pursue something you love is a dream come true.

Imagine working for nobody but yourself and making money from home so you have more than enough to not only pay your bills but to add to your savings.

You can either spend years figuring this all out or just take the shortcut.

Now, that’s where I come in. My name is Shortcut Angela.

I’ve started from absolute scratch.

I had just started my life after college and wanted to make it on my own.

I learned Graphic Designing and Website building and I started my own Online Business and made a stable income by gaining clients via Facebook Groups. It was a huge leap for me.

But my true passion was drawing.

I studied the art of creating digital illustrations (self taught) and had saved up enough money to shift over to Illustrating for Clients and Companies. It was a dream come true for me. I gained clients by publishing my comics on Instagram. I even started an Online Store and sold merchandise with my illustrations on it!

I was at the peak of glory.

But it was short lived.

Due to a major glitch on Instagram in January 2018, I lost my account of over 180K followers, and had to start from absolute scratch.

I was devastated.

And that’s when I realized that putting my eggs in someone else’s basket was my biggest mistake.

 In the beginning, it's totally acceptable to make blogging mistakes. This is how you grow your blog. Girl hitting head on wall illustration.


So, I took another leap and started my own Blog.

And published relevant posts to showcase my expertise on starting an online business from home. On my Blog, I sell digital products, gain clients who want illustrations and comics, and I also make money with my Blog Content via Affiliate Marketing.

This is the beauty of starting an Online Business.

You can make it a profitable side hustle. And the risk is minimal.

Give away information freely. This is the best way to showcase your expertise and market your business online

Now, even if I get tired of working for clients tomorrow, I will still have digital product sales coming in everyday on autopilot. If my digital product sales stop, I can still rely on my affiliate marketing income.

Basically, my income will never stop flowing in.

If you implement email marketing properly, you will have no trouble making sales and reaping the benefits of your email marketing platform.


It took me only 3 months to be able to earn over $3000 a month. And I’m currently earning a stable income from my Blog.

Growing an Online Business from home can be challenging, but the results you reap are definitely worth it. So start your online side hustle today!

Let me show you how you can do this too!

Behold – The Complete Roadmap to Setting Up a Profitable Online Side Hustle!

This 270+ page eBook will teach you how to start and grow a successful Online Business from scratch. This eBook is divided into multiple sections and categories that are extremely easy to digest and understand.

Each section will help you understand a certain stage of your Online Business. And if you put all the pieces together, you will have a fully fledged business within a month or two.

You don’t need to figure it out all by yourself. This Roadmap will do all the work for you.

Understand the different types of Online Businesses

  • Learn everything about service based Online Businesses (types + average hourly pay)
  • The Difference between selling digital products on other Platforms vs your own Website
  • Different types of content creation platforms and how you can monetize on each one

Building a Profitable Business the right way!

  • Choosing a Profitable Niche that works from Day 1
  • Step-by-step guide on starting a Blog from absolute scratch
  • Calculating Profitability and Feasibility of each type of Online Business
  • Discovering your Target Audience and Blog’s Mission Statement
Growing an Online Business is super easy if you understand your target audience, diligently write content that gets targeted traffic and create products that seamlessly integrate with your Business.

Growing your Business seamlessly

  • Getting targeted traffic to increase conversions
  • Setting achievable goals so as to not become overwhelmed
  • Picking keywords that are easy to rank on Google
  • Using a Content Calendar to keep pumping out Quality Content

Setting different types of Viable Income in 1 Blog!

  • Doing market research
  • Evaluating your competition to create products that stand out!
  • Calculating your profits with digital products and services
  • Mixing different types of monetization strategies so that your Income never dries up!

Setting up an Online Shop to Sell Digital Products

  • Understanding the back end and implementing an Affiliate System
  • Creating a stellar front page with listings
  • Adding Affiliate Items in your Shop

Gaining clients Online

  • The exact steps to identify your Ideal Client
  • Networking to increase your Reach
  • Getting Old Clients Back
  • Leveraging Social Media to Gain Clients
  • Using your Blog to Gain Clients

Setting up Email Series Sales Funnels

  • A Detailed Example of Subliminal Marketing
  • Advantages and Features of Email Marketing
  • How to Create a high converting Opt-in
  • A Mini Example of an Email Course

Nurturing your Online Business

  • Understanding the importance of Quality over Quantity
  • Growing your Business with minimal effort
  • Becoming more Social
  • Understanding and Implementing Influencer Marketing

It’s only $49!

You also get these exclusive Bonuses:

A Detailed List of all the Digital Products you can create and sell on your Blog!

40+ pages of Case Studies of Women who have built Successful Online Businesses from scratch at home!

A detailed Guide on setting up Tripwires in your Blog to make money on Autopilot!

But don’t just take my word for it…

“shows multiple ways of how you can mix different online side hustles to come up with a money-making machine”

“A side hustle is something that most of us think of, but very few of us know to start this adventure. Angela’s eBook is perfect for anyone who is motivated to begin and needs precise directions.

What I especially loved about this eBook is that Angela shows you multiple ways of mixing different online side hustles so as to generate a money-making machine tailored for your needs. She helps you imagine various possibilities and gives you loads of simple yet effective examples from different niches.

The resources give a lot of value to the whole eBook. She also refers to where you can go next to receive even more knowledge from other experts in different fields.

And the best part is that this eBook gives you ready-to-follow steps which you should take to start your own side business whatever it may be. Both creative and technical points! (I loved the chapter with the ready email sales funnel schedule – extremely useful!).

– Dominika,  Sunday in Wonderland

there is information in this book that I wish I knew when I was first started out blogging so that I could have diversified my income streams faster…”

This book has so much advice and honest heart-to-heart information that anyone looking to make some cash on the side online through there skills or passions are bound to be able to do so.

I personally have been in the digital world hardcore for about 9 months and there is information in this eBook that I wish I knew when I first started blogging so that I could have diversified my income streams faster. I found it so funny that I did not even know some of the skills I had were even profitable. I will have to revamp my blog in the coming months to keep up with this new knowledge.

While reading the eBook I was inspired to write my own eBook in the future to better showcase my skills. I’ve already started the outline and am super excited about it. Angela’s eBook will open your mind to all the endless possibilities of starting an Online Business and live the future you desire with your skills, online!”

– Monique,  Monique Hercules

“completely honest about how to keep your expectations in check as you go through the process…”

“If you’ve ever thought about starting your own Business, this eBook will give you all the step-by-step, how-to details on exactly how to get it done.

Angela gives you everything you need to know, from the easy & fun to the difficult. She’s completely honest about how to keep your expectations in check as you go through the process and will keep you encouraged to keep working on your business, even when things get difficult.

And she knows what she’s talking about! She has BEEN there. When you read this eBook, you’ll hear Angela’s own personal experience with the rough road of starting her own business. Reading about how she’s been in your shoes is going to be a real inspiration!

This eBook is going to get your creativity going. I’ve been in business for a year, and I got TONS of new ideas from Online Side Hustle, and I’m so excited to start implementing them in my business!”

– Kendall,  K Norman Proofreading

“truly wish I’d had a resource like this available to me BEFORE I started my own blog!”

“Angela’s Side Hustle Roadmap is overflowing with invaluable information, time-saving hacks, and easy to understand examples to start your business off on the right foot. Any aspiring entrepreneur would greatly benefit from reading this guide prior to starting their side hustle journey.

This guide covers everything from the different types of side hustles you can choose from, detailed instructions on how to get started and actionable strategies to discover your target audience.

It’s a very easy and fun read with no confusing terms. I could read through it in one sitting and found Angela’s personal stories and adorable illustrations added a humorous touch that made it so simple and enjoyable to absorb the content. And at 271 pages, it’s a LOT of bang for your buck! I truly wish I’d had a resource like this available to me BEFORE I started my own blog!”

– Karen,  Online Blog and Business Help

“perfect guide for someone who is considering starting a side hustle but doesn’t know what to sell or how to get started”

“First of all, the cute comics in this e-book make it so much fun to read! This is the perfect guide for someone who is considering starting a side hustle but doesn’t know what to sell or how to get started.

Angela explains many different side hustles, what you can potentially earn at each of them, and how to start earning an income through your own website and blog.

If you’re worried about setting up your WordPress site, Angela’s got you covered there too! The screenshots make it easy to follow the steps you need to set up everything from your website to your email service provider and even a Send Owl shop on your website. If you’re interested in starting a side hustle using tools like WordPress, SendOwl, and ConvertKit, then this e-book is a great place to start!”

– Michelle, Michelle Cornish

It’s only $49!

What no one tells you…

is the middle part…

The journey from after starting your blog to making it big.

That’s where this eBook stands out.

By starting on the right track, you can save yourself a hell lot of time that you would normally spend researching and figuring these things out.

Additionally this eBook contains lots of illustrations and screenshots to make your learning more fun and informative!

If you make this purchase, you will get 270+ pages of detailed tips and strategies that will change the way you blog and help you earn a full time income from your Blog along with 3 Bonus eBooks that will help you understand what digital products to create and sell, how to set up tripwires in order to enable automated sales and learn how other women have set up successful online business in different fields!

Imagine this…

In less than 3 months, you will have an Online Business that is bringing you an additional income.

You will be independently working from home.

You can make a full-time income from your Blog. And you can quit your 9-5 job that’s tiring you and not letting you spend time with your family.

You can finally do what you love for a living.

With just one click…

It’s only $49!

I have been blogging for a while. Will this eBook help?

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just started or have been blogging for a while. All the strategies covered aim at making a recurring income from your Blog. Meaning it will help you diversify your income and set up automated sales in your Blog. It will teach you to build a Brand from the ground up!

What’s your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this eBook, I cannot issue a refund. But if you have any questions regarding the contents of this eBook, you can always email me@straycurls.com before making the purchase.

I love this eBook and would love to become an affiliate.

Of course! If you would like to join my affiliate program and earn an incredibly high 50% commission on all sales that you make, simply click here! Joining is free!