Office supplies is the number 1 reason why I enjoy working at home everyday.

Okay, maybe not my number 1 reason, but it definitely makes one of my top ten.

Sprucing up my home office was the most fun I’ve had, ever!

Over the past few months, I’ve found that my work gets a lot easier with a few certain tools around my desk.

Working from home means, you are already at your prime level of comfort. But do you have everything that essentially completes your workplace?

Find out by reading this little list below!

This post includes affiliate links, meaning at no extra cost to you, I might make a small commission if you decide to buy something and this money will be used to feed my poor lil’ dogs. They are perennially hungry, my little ones.

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1. A planner to help you plan

Ever since I got my Rifle Co planner, my productivity has more than doubled.

I never forget my client work, to-dos, deadlines, or notes all thanks to this little baby that I keep open all the time. I absolutely love the Rifle Co Brand and I’ve been using their planners for 2 years now.

I love using my Rifle Co Planners. They are the best office supplies a blogger could ask for!

See it here!

I even use my Planner to keep track of my earnings and social media stats.

So, after using a planner for approximately 3 years, I cannot function without one.

Are you a paper and pen person? Then you’re going to love these posts!

2. Printer & Scanner to print those stickers you’ve always wanted

As an artist/blogger/illustrator/graphic-designer/blogger (the list goes on and on as I am a woman of many talents *winks*) I print and scan almost every once in 3-4 days.

There is no time to go down to the local Xerox and stand in line just for a print or two.

Imagine having a printer and scanner at home – you can print all those e-books you’ve been meaning to read, those checklists you’ve been dying to check off, not to mention those fancy labels you’ve been wanting to stick on your spice bottles.

A printer and scanner is a dream come true for bloggers. It solves a lot of problems!

3. Storage Boxes to store all the stuff you don’t use regularly

Yes, I’m a hoarder.

Guilty as charged. I have trouble throwing stuff away, but my office is spic and span. You wanna know my secret?

Pinterest is the best social media for Bloggers

Even my ottomans are secret storage boxes once you lift the covers.

My office would be flooded with papers and stationery if I didn’t have these. And I also discuss how storing stuff away can help you overcome creative blocks.

4. Posture monitor/corrector so people won’t call you Quasimodo

I’m 5’8″ and that’s pretty tall for an Asian woman.

So, I can’t help but slouch when I’m drawing or typing furiously. And after several people pointing out that I’m developing a very pronounced hunch have I decided to take it seriously.

As bloggers, we are going to spend an infinite amount of time in front of our laptops/PCs. It’s a good idea to take stringent efforts to maintain a straight posture.

I’ve just ordered a posture corrector. And I can’t wait till it gets here!

5. Stationery Organizers to prevent a stationery mess

If I had a choice of getting rid of my stationery or being thrown in a pit of snakes, I’d definitely choose the latter.

Every pen/marker/paper-clip is worth more to me than gold.

Organize your stuff. It will really help you beat that nasty creative block.

But let’s face it.

There isn’t space on your desk for it all. You need it organized and at the same time be able to see it all. I have a lot of stationery organizers.

I like to keep different types so my table looks sassy!

Keep your desk tidy and clutter-free. This will mentally stimulate you and increase your productivity.

6. Portable speaker to play that favorite song on the go

Working for long hours without music can get a little stiff.

I enjoy listening to some soft tunes while I work. And a portable speaker makes that happen. It doesn’t have to take too much space on your desk.

Personally, I use JBL. And even though it’s so small, it surprisingly plays my music at a very good bass.

What’s even better is, if you decide to move over to the dining table (just for a change of scene), your portable speaker can travel with you.

It charges through your laptop so you never have to worry about connecting it separately to a power source.

Give it a try. I promise you won’t regret it.

7. A coffee mug to give you inspiration to work.

A coffee cup can inspire you to work.

Just the thought of drinking a hot beverage can put you in the right mood.

Take a break.

And drink some coffee.

Additionally, I keep one in my office-desk drawer just in case. And I know my mum has one in hers too.

8. Book shelves for book lovers

I have a huge library in my living room but I prefer having a few books in my home office.

I keep rotating them so I always have something to read. Get shelves that you can dismantle. That way, you can keep them anywhere you want to. They’re perfect for holding some stuffed animals and toys too.

9. A Calendar to brighten up your home office

If you’re looking for something pretty to buy to stand on your desk, then you should definitely consider getting these.

I’ve already ordered mine! I don’t think any home office is complete without this.

Besides marking important dates, it is extremely useful to help remember the date for scatterbrained people like moi.

10. Stationery for the stationery addicts.

And finally, how can any office supplies list be complete without stationery? From pens to markers, clips to papers, highlighters to notebooks – stock up on some stationery just so you never run out!

I understand if you need more time to browse. Because office supplies shopping can never really come to an end, duncha think? *wink wink*

What do you feel is the one thing your home office cannot be complete without? Let me know in the comments below!