If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I always stress creating evergreen blog posts.

This means that your content will be relevant always and it will never die down.

And no, I’m not talking about posts that describe what super cute thing your dog did today. These posts, however, do exceedingly well on Social Media.

Blog about what your audience cares about. This is the best way to get traffic.

With the holidays just around the corner, you can seriously maximize your holiday traffic by focusing on holiday or seasonal content.

In this post, I will cover multiple holiday blog post ideas that you can use to gain more traction for your blog and skyrocket your blog’s traffic!

December can become a very competitive period in terms of blogging because this is when many people do their holiday shopping. And bloggers compete to write more posts to take advantage of people looking for gift ideas for their loved ones.

You can beat the crowd by aiming to write your holiday posts 4-5 months in advance so that the SEO kicks in just around the holidays.

I also highly recommend pinning your seasonal content now (1-2 pins a week minimum) to help boost your holiday pins. They will start doing really well during the holidays.

You can check out my manual pinning strategy in this post.

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7 easy holiday blog post ideas to help you grow your traffic during the holidays

Before you sit down to write your holiday blog posts, decide in advance what you really want.

  • Do you want more pageviews to help get more ad income?
  • Are you looking to hold a sale in your shop and drive targeted traffic to your shop to boost sales?
  • Do you want to drive up affiliate conversions?

Stick to 1-2 call-to-actions and write your posts centered around these so that you can really make good use of that holiday traffic.

1. Write a blog post series during the holidays

This is where you decide to write a series of related blog posts very quickly close to each other to promote your traffic.

Ideally – every day for 10-15 days.

Elna Cain tried this experiment of writing multiple blog posts all related to each other in 1 month, and she was able to triple her blog traffic using this method. 

This can be very challenging and time-consuming if you don’t plan your posts in advance.

So, block out some time to plan what blog posts you are going to cover.

Plan your blog posts in advance so that the blog post series becomes easy to write.

Make sure that they’re all related to the same topic because topic clusters help your SEO.

When you’ve planned what your posts will be about, write your outlines 1-2 weeks ahead of the dates you’ve planned. This will help you write your blog posts much faster!

Once you finish writing each one, remember to internal link all of them together so that it’s easier for people to find them. This helps boost traffic.

Here are some tips to maximize traffic to your blog post series:

  • Email your list in advance, telling them that you’re going to do the series so that they can follow along
  • Interlink between posts so that people can move between each blog post smoothly, which will triple your page views!
  • Summarize each post with what you’re going to talk about next to generate curiosity
  • Brownie points to you if you can add 1 lead magnet to all of these posts individually to increase sign-ups to your email list! 

2. Do a roundup of freebies in your niche

For instance, if you’re a food blogger, you can do a roundup of free meal planners from other food bloggers that you feel your audience will really love.

Make sure to include your own, too, to help increase sign-ups.

People love freebies, and additionally, you can email each person you’ve included in your post, letting them know they’ve been featured. There is a very good chance that they will share the post with their audience on social media or email their list about it!

For instance, Glitz Grammar shared a post on 25 free blogging planners and included my 12-page blog planner freebie.

I was super happy to share it with my audience because I got featured!

3. Write an End-of-the-Year Review

Your readers are reading your blog to learn something new and become genuinely better at a certain skill.

These types of posts are really beneficial to them because they will learn from your experiences.

And if you share what mistakes you’ve made and what you’ve learned in your niche at the end of the year, they’ll find it super helpful.

Meera Kothand wrote one of these posts, and I honestly enjoyed reading it!

These types of posts are very insightful and personal. So, don’t hesitate to get down and dirty with the details. Talk to your readers like they’re your friends, and be super honest. Ask your readers what important lesson they’ve learned this year to help drive more engagement and get more blog comments. 

Here are some posts you might enjoy reading:

4. Gift guides

Needless to say, that gift guides do really, really well during the holidays.

People actually save money to buy gifts for their loved ones during the holidays. And you can seriously maximize your earnings by creating specific gift guides for your audience.

Here’s what you need to know when creating gift guides:

  • Create gift guides for a specific target audience. Example: 13 Christmas gift ideas for your teenage daughter or 12 minimalist gift ideas for your girlfriend, or 7 gifts for bloggers
  • Create a collage of the gifts and pin it on Pinterest. Women do a lot of holiday shopping, and Pinterest has a huge woman audience.
  • Add your affiliate link 2-3 times within each paragraph to make it easy for people to click and buy. Remember, not everyone is tech-friendly.

The more specific your gift guide post is, the better your conversions will be.

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  • The best way to showcase your links

Overall, this is not information you can find for free anywhere else.

Check out her Amazon eCourse here.

5. Roundups

Create a roundup of your most favorite posts that you feel your readers will find useful!

Bonus points if they’re all related and contain lots of lead magnets. This will help you increase your email sign-ups.

This is a great idea to implement if you’re short on time and can’t write a blog post. Create a roundup and focus your time on creating more pins for the post.

This round-up post will act like a Content-hub.

You can also create a roundup post of multiple experts in your niche.

You’ll have to plan this in advance, though, because you’ll need to wait for everyone’s response and compile it systematically.

Either way, roundups are also a great way to gain traction. Because each expert will share your post with their audience and you’ll get a lot of traffic for the post.

6. Holiday specific posts

If you’re a food blogger, write a holiday recipe.

If you’re a parent blogger, write a post on how to keep kids occupied during the holidays.

Tweak your content a bit so that it’s specific to the holidays. This will make your content more fun and relatable during the holidays.

In my niche, I’d write a post like, “How to get more clients during the holidays!”

7. Goals for the next year

Believe it or not, but people love making new years resolutions during Christmas.

This is when gyms see the most membership subscriptions, and planner companies make a lot of sales!

So, create a post and share your goals with your readers. It will really help motivate you to follow through with your goals, and it will inspire your readers to do the same!


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What are some good blog topics?

Coming up with good blog topics can be slightly exhausting, but I always recommend writing blog posts on topics you know you’re going to rank on the front page for!

How do you do this?

Input your Competitor’s URLs in KeySearch’s Competitive Analysis feature, and you’ll be able to see their top posts.

Make sure that your competitor has a domain authority similar or lower to yours so that you can easily outrank their post. You can use Ubersuggest’s free Chrome extension to check this!

Check which of your competitor’s posts are ranking on the front page and for which keyword.

If you’ve found a keyword (that is in your niche) that your competitor is ranking for on the front page, you’ve found your next blog post idea!

All you have to do is write an outstanding post that is 10X better than theirs so that you can beat their ranking and replace their ranking with yours!

How do I write a good blog post?

Focus on writing blog posts targeting extremely low competition keywords in your niche.

If you’re struggling to gain more blog traffic, focus on writing more list and tutorial posts such as:

  • 13 ways to wake up super early
  • How to feel energized in the morning!

These posts have a high share factor because people find these super helpful, which will help your post get more traffic!

List posts and tutorials are more shareable.

You can also look at the posts that your competitors are writing about and see trending topics you can cover. This will help you get blog post ideas that you know will do well for your blog!

Just make sure that your posts are aimed at your target audience! 

Practice writing blog posts that are extremely SEO optimized. 

And your blog traffic will automatically grow.

For instance, I wrote a post on how to draw cartoon hair and targeted the keyword “How to draw cartoon hair for beginners,” and it’s ranking on the front page of Google for that keyword within 6 days of writing the post!

This post is highly SEO optimized and will soon start to rank for shorter tail keywords as well.

I wrote a post using my own SEO tutorial and I'm now ranking for the long-tail keyword within 6 days!

I have written a detailed guide that includes all the methods I used to rank this post on the front page for this keyword.

Struggling to understand SEO and write SEO optimised posts that rank on the front page of Google? This SEO Blueprint for Bloggers will help!

Here are a few posts that will help you in this area:


I hope this post inspired you enough to give you some holiday blog post ideas to help you create content for your blog during the holidays.

Please make sure to write your content 2-3 months before the holidays so that it has enough time to start ranking on Google or gain traffic from Pinterest.

And when creating content, make sure that you have a proper call-to-action for each post to target that traffic.

What are you planning to do for the holidays to increase engagement?

If you want to boost your traffic, take my free 7-day traffic email course!

Learn how to grow your blog traffic and get traffic that actually converts into sales and customers!